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Capital of Tierra del Fuego, it is the southernmost city in the world and the door to Antártica, where the famous English naturalist Charles Darwin made valuable observations of the fauna and flora in the past century. Favored by an exceptionally beautiful landscape, Tierra del Fuego is an ideal place for tourism and Ushuaia is an active center that every year rises in the world´s consideration with travelers arriving in several tours anxious to apréciate the virgin nature. The World´s End Museum holds testimonies of ancient native cultures and remains from shipwrecks. Five kilometers away lies the Martial Glacier and the ski slopes; from the lift, it is posible to enjoy an unparalleled view: the Beagle Channel with the Bridges islands, the Bay of Ushuaia, the city and the Chilean islands of Ambarino and Hoste. Only 12 kilometers away is the National Park of Tierra del Fuego, unique in the country with a maritime coast, woods, lakes and streams and La Casita del Bosque (The Little House in the Woods) a picturesque coffe shop where the visitor wishes time would stop.Ushuaia also has a Steam Train, called de World´s End Train, stretching over 12 kilometers of tracks from where it is posible to apréciate the crystalline waters of the Pipo river, a crossing over the Puente Quemado, the recreation of a Yamana Indian camp, and the Macarena fall. Nobody leaves Ushuaia without tasting its exquisite centollas (spider crabs) at one of its typical restaurants.

Our Packages includes

* Transfer from the local Airport to the Hotel in Mendoza

* Accomodation at 3/4/5* Hotel with breakfast included

* City Tour

* Transfer from the Hotel to the Airport in Mendoza


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