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The name of this city means “the beautiful” in the Aimara language and this is the single spot with the largest colonial heritage of the country. Its main square is surrounded by the most meaningful buildings: the Catedral, the Cabildo with the Historical Museum of the North, the Colonial Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, the Church of San Francisco and the Covent of San Bernardo. The Train to the Clouds, a unique work of engineering that can be found nowhere else in the world, leaves from Salta, 1,187 m above sea level, and climbs as high as 4,220 m at the viaduct of La Polvorilla. Amidst a region dominated by imposing mountain peaks, clear skies, hills and cardones (giant cactuses), with small and charming villages of unique architecture, Salta holds three National Parks with contrasting features: Los Cardones, Baritu and El Rey. A tour of the Valles Calchaquíes will be one of the most beautiful experiences, with its colonial history, its peculiar architecture of sun-drive clay bricks and the relious and folkloric framework that transmits an incomparable feeling, such as the 1659 parish church at Molinos, the Archaeological Museum and the colonial church at Cachi. Also to enjoy are the famous “empanadas” and the “Torrontes” wines from Cafayate.Climbing snowy peaks, practicing canoeing and windsurfing at the dams, trekking at the National Parks, fishing in streams and rivers and taking part in folk celebrations, with guitars, songs and popular dances are all options at hand in beautiful Salta. And a llama wool poncho can be a most apréciate souvenir.

Our Packages includes

* Transfer from the local Airport to the Hotel in Mendoza

* Accomodation at 3/4/5* Hotel with breakfast included

* City Tour

* Transfer from the Hotel to the Airport in Mendoza

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