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Cataratas del Iguazu

“Big water” in the Guarani language, it is the name of the majestic group of 275 falls with a height of 70 m that spread along some 2.7 km semi-circle, 11 km away from Puerto Iguazu, in the province of Misiones, on the triple border where the territories of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. The waterfalls can be visited along catwalks, bridges and viewpoints built on the shores to admire this breathtaking work of nature. And from Puerto Canoas, little boats take the visitor to the most imposing viewpoint in front of the Devil´s Gorge, a narrow pass with water walls around 150 m wide and 700 m long. A many-sided scenery, ideal for tourism: waterfalls, jungles, rivers, cascades, historic ruins, beautiful roads and the contrast between the bright green of the forest and the strong reddish shades of the Misiones soil. Around the waterfalls, the Iguazu National Park, declared World Heritage by the UNESCO, preserves the native fauna and flora. From Puerto Iguazu it is posible to go to Foz do Iguacu across the international bridge, to enjoy a magnificent view of all the waterfalls from the Brazilian side.

Our Packages includes

* Transfer from the local Airport to the Hotel in Iguazu

* Accomodation at 3/4/5* Hotel with breakfast included

* Visit the Falls full day

* Transfer from the Hotel to the Airport in Iguazu


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